Song of Norway (1970)

65mm film, 70mm film (Super-Cinerama), “filmed in Super Panavision”, colour, 2.20:1
stereo, English

An American bio-pic with an animated sequence directed by Andrew L. Stone.

Plot Summary

An account of the life of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, including a lengthy live action and animated sequence in which pursue and torment a group of .


Directed by: Andrew L. Stone
© MCMLXX [1970] by ABC Pictures Corp.
ABC Pictures Corp. a subsidiary of American Broadcasting Company, Inc. an Andrew and Virginia Stone production
Screen Story and Screen Play by: Andrew L. Stone
Suggested by the stage play Song of Norway
Book by: Milton Lazarus
From a play by Homer Curran
Produced and Directed for the Stage by: Edwin Lester
Cinematographer: Davis Boulton
Film Editor: Virginia Lively Stone
Lyrics and Musical Adaptation for Both Stage Play and Picture by: Robert Wright and George Forrest
The Music of: Edvard Grieg
Sound Mixer: John Purchese
Costume Designer: David Walker
Makeup by: Kay Freeborn
Hairdresser: Jan Dorman
Animation by: Jack Kinney
Cartoon characters based on Theodor Kittelsen's drawings
Art Director: William Albert Havemeyer
Dances and Musical Staging: Lee Theodore

Toralv Maurstad (Edvard Grieg)
Florence Henderson (Nina Grieg)
Christina Schollin (Therese Berg)
Frank Porretta (Richard Nordraak)
Aline Towne (Mrs Thoresen)
Elizabeth Larner (Mrs Bjoernson)
Bernard Archard (George NordraakNordraak)
Frederick Jaeger (Henrik Ibsen)
Richard Vernon (councilman)
Ronald Adam (Gade)
Nan Munro (angry woman)
John Barrie (Mr Hagerup)
Wenche Foss (Mrs Hagerup)
Oskar Homolka (Engstrand)
Robert Morley (Berg)
Edward G. Robinson (Krogstad)
Harry Secombe (Bioernstjerne Bjoernson)

Alternative Titles

Canción de Noruega – Spanish title
Norjan laulu – Finnish title

Extracts included in
Screen Test: 23 December 1974



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