Snapshot (1979)

92m, 2523 metres
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Simon Wincer. It was originally released in Australia on 1 June 1979.

Plot Summary

Thrown out of her home by her puritanical mother, Angela befriends a group of and poses for some shoots. But her new friends are soon being murdered by a mysterious killer who travels around in an ice-cream van.


Director: Simon Wincer
Antony I. Ginanne and William Fayman present for Australian Film Commission, Australian International Film Corp, F.G. Film Productions, Victorian Film Corporation
Executive Producer: William Fayman
Producer: Antony I. Ginnane
Associate Producer: Barbi Taylor
Screenplay by: Chris & Everett De Roche
Director of Photography: Vincent Monton
Editor: Philip Reid
Music Composed and Conducted by: Brian May
Sound Recordist: Paul Clark
Wardrobe Designer: Aphrodite Jansen
Make-up/Hairdressing: Jose L. Perez
Special Effects: Chris Murray
Art Direction: Jon Dowding & Jill Eden

Chantal Contouri (Madeline)
Robert Bruning (Elmer)
Sigrid Thornton (Angela)
Denise Drysdale (Lily)
Vincent Gil (Daryl)
Jon Sidney (Mr Pluckett)
Jacqui Gordon (Becky)
Julia Blake (Mrs Bailey)
Hugh Keays-Byrne (Linsey)
Peter Stratford (Roger)
Christine Amor (Paula)
Lulu Pinkus (Wendy)
Stewart Faichney (Peter)
Chris Milne (Book Marker)
Bob Brown (Captain Rock)
Peter Felmingham (Boris)

Alternative Titles

Alastonkuva – Finland
Day after Halloween
The Day before Halloween – USA
The Night after Halloween – USA (video)
One More Minute – USA

Extracts included in
Dead-End Drive In (1986)



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