Small Soldiers (1998)

Dolby Digital, Digital DTS, SDDS, English

An American science fiction film directed by Joe Dante.

Plot Summary

A group of toy are implanted with faulty military grade and run amok in a quiet suburb.


Directed by: Joe Dante
© 1998 DreamWorks LLC and Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.
Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures present
Executive Producer: Walter Parkes
Produced by: Michael Finnell and Colin Wilson
Co-producer: Paul Deason
Written by: Gavin Scott and Adam Rifkin and Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio; Zak Penn [uncredited]
Director of Photography: Jamie Anderson
Film Editor: Marshall Harvey
Editor: Michael Thau
Music Composed and Conducted by: Jerry Goldsmith
Production Sound Mixer: Ken King
Costume Designer: Carole Brown-James
Makeup Department Head: Christina Smith
Hair Department Head: Judy Alexander-Cory
Special Effects Coordinator: Kenneth D. Pepiot
Action Figures and Animatronic Design: Stan Winston
Visual Effects Supervisor: Stefen Fangmeier
Special Visual Effects and Animation by: Industrial Light & Magic
Animation Supervisor: David Andrews
Production Designer: William Sandell
Filmed at: Universal City Studios, Inc., Warner Bros. Studios, California

Kirsten Dunst (Christy Fimple)
Gregory Smith (Alan Abernathy)
Jay Mohr (Larry Benson)
Phil Hartman (Phil Fimple)
Kevin Dunn (Stuart Abernathy)
David Cross (Irwin Wayfair)
Ann Magnuson (Irene Abernathy)
Dick Miller (Joe)
Wendy Schaal (Marion Fimple)
Robert Picardo (clean room technician [Ralph])
Jacob Smith (Timmy Fimple)
Denis Leary (Gil Mars)
Frank Langella (the voice of Archer)
Tommy Lee Jones (the voice of Major Chip Hazard)

The Commando Elite voices by original cast members of “The Dirty Dozen”
Ernest Borgnine [Kip Killagin]
Jim Brown [Butch Meathook]
George Kennedy [Brick Bazooka]
Clint Walker [Nick Nitro]
Bruce Dern (voice of Link Static)

The Gorgonites voices by members of “Spinal Tap”
Christopher Guest [Slamfist/Scratch-It]
Michael McKean [Insaniac/Freakenstein]
Harry Shearer [Punch-It]

The Gwendy Dolls voices by
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Christina Ricci

Alternative Titles

Chipkatonák – Hungarian title
The Commando Elite – working title
Küçük askerler – Turkish title
Mali vojnici – Croatian, Serbian title
Mali zolnierze – Polish title
Mikroi stratiotes – Greek title
Pequenos Guerreiros – Brazilian, Portuguese etitle
Pequeños guerreros – Argentine, Mexican, Spanish title
Petits soldats – French Canadian title
Pienet soturit – Finnish title
Små soldater – Swedish title
Žaisliniai kareiveliai – Lithuanian title
Μικροί στρατιώτες – Greek title
Малките войници – Bulgarian title
Солдатики – Russian, Ukrainian title


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