Slip Up (1974)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American pornographic science fiction comedy which, according to the credits, was directed by many members of the crew but which was really directed by an uncredited Roberta Findlay.

Plot Summary

Mad scientist Dr Charles Cherrypopper has invented a machine that will give every man alive a permanent erection. He plans to use the ensuing chaos to take over the world and secret agent Penelope Juiceslit is sent to stop him.


* = uncredited

Directed by the Ass't Director, 1st Cameraman, 2nd Cameraman, 3rd Cameraman, Script Girl, Towel Boy, Janitor, Extras; Roberta Findlay *
© 1974 Sendy Film Corporation
Original Screenplay by: Harold Hindgrind [real name: Roberta Findlay]
Assistant Director: Steven Ziplow
Director of : Curtis Cockalot
1st Cameraman: Herman Killacunt
2nd Cameraman: Jack Meoff
3rd Cameraman: Kanya Kuminme
Lighting: Peter Pimpalot
Scoring: Harry Humpher
Additional Music by: Slim Pickins
Sound: Huss Ramm
Special Fireworks by: Sedgewick Kuntlips
Title Credits: Marc Bilgrey
Filmed at: Cumalot Studios
Erotic novelties used through the courtesy of Pleasure Chest
Casting and Special Consultant: Darby Llyod Rains [A misspelling of Darby Lloyd Rains]

Darby Lloyd Rains (Penelope Juiceslit)
Jamey Gillis [real name: Jamie Gillis] (Dr Charles Cherrypopper)
Marc Stevens (Captain Sam Q. Suckatiddy)
Amy Wells [real name: Day Jason] (Fabia Fartblow)
Steve Ziplow (Fritz the waiter)
Lynn Ashley (Sissy Motormouth)
Steven Blackwell (Spritzpiss)
Alan Marlow (Mr Quimtwiddle)
Merry Widow [real name: Erica Eaton] (Miss Muff Puff)
Eric Edwards (Alan Clitsplit)
Steve Ziplow (Co-pilot Foreskin)
Lankey Tootu [real name: John Buco] (Henry Draggrass)
Keith Wilson (Barney Ballbust)
Sandy Fox [real name: Sandy Foxx] (Stewardess Bubbies)
Dave Savage (Sam Schleppshit)
Ginger Snaps (Ginny)
Candida Israel-Hernandez
Huss Ramm [restaurant customer wearing earphones] *
Roberta Findlay [passerby in black skirt] *

Alternative Titles

Sexo Electrónico – Portugal

Extracts included in
Bucky's '70s Triple XXX Movie House Trailers Vol. 12 (1999)