Six She’s and a He (1964)

USA, 1964
25m, 47m, 72m 1The film was originally released at 72 minutes but currently available versions are either 25 or 47 minutes long35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Gordon H. Heaver. Production began on 24 May 1964 and it was released in the States in January 1965.

Plot Summary

An astronaut stranded on a desert island is captured by a tribe of women who torture and mutilate men.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Gordon H. Heaver
© Six She’s and a He
Executive Producers: Richard S. Flink *
Produced by: Frank Malagon *
Associate Producer: Hank Rifkin *
Production Manager: Don del Grande
Written by: William Kerwin
Assistant Director: Jose M. Prieto [real name: Joseph P. Mawra]
Script Supervisor: Harry Proter
Director of Photography: Julio L. Roldan
Assistant Cameraman: Ed Sawyer
Lighting: Santiago Perales
Chief Electrician: Dick Bulow
Chief Grip: Joe Capria [?]
Editing: Al Dempsey [real name: William Kerwin]
Original Music Score by: Al Jacobs
Orchestration by: Lon Norman
Love Godess Sung by: Neil Patrick
Sound Mix: Fernandez Rubio
Costumers: Lana Enterprises
Make Up: Nancy Roldan
Hair Dressing: Andre Royard [?]
Special Effects: Harry L. Kerwin
Set Design: Don del Grande
Props: Tropical Traders
Jungle Foliage: Davis Nursery
Statuary: Frenchy’s of Miami

Luana Hodges (Aphrodite)
Bill Rogers (Fred Rogers)
Carroll Wintress (Rebecca)
Dawn Meredith (Desiree)
Liz Burton (Pandora)
Laura Wood (Eris)
Ingrid Albert (Valkarie)
Alma Darling (brunette nurse)
Jane Sunset (blond nurse)
Phil Longo (doctor)
Joe Capriano (Nazi soldier)

Alternative Titles

Kiss Me Bloody
Love Goddesses of Blood Island
Love Goddesses of Horror Island

Extracts included in
Twisted Sex Vol. 14 (1996)



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