Sie tötete in Ekstase (1970)

West Germany,
35mm film, Eastmancolour

A West German horror film directed by Jesus Franco using the psuedonym Frank Hollmann.

Plot Summary

Dr Johnson's experiments with human embryos is halted by the Medical Board and he takes his own life. His wife sets out to track down and take on the members of the board.


* = uncredited

Director: Frank Hollmann [real name: Jesus Franco]
© 1970 Telecine
A Tele-Cine film
Line Producer: Karl-Heinz Mannchen
Production Manager: Rudolf Hertzog Jr
Script: Frank Hollmann [real name: Jesus Franco]
Assistant Director: Ani Settimo de Esteva
Director of Photography: Manuel Merino
Editor: Clarissa Ambach
Music: Manfred Hübler, Siegfried Schwab
Classical Music: Bruno Nicolai

Susann Korda [real name: Soledad Miranda] (Mrs Johnson)
Fred Williams (Dr Johnson)
Paul Müller (Dr Franklin Houston)
Howard Vernon (Professor Jonathan Walker)
Ewa Stroemberg [real name: Ewa Strömberg] (Emmanuelle Crawford)
Horst Tappert (the inspector)
Germano Robles [policeman] *
Jesus Franco [Dr Donan] *
Beni Cardosi [Dr Donan's dead wife] *
Karl Heinz Mannchen [member of the medical congress] *

Alternative Titles

Crimes dans l'extase – Belgian French title
Elle tuait en extase – early French title
Misdaad in extase – Belgian Flemish title
Mrs Hyde – working title
She Killed in Ecstasy



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