Shock ’em Dead (1991)

35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Mark Freed.

Plot Summary

When an aspiring rock guitarist fails an audition, he turns to a priestess who promises to make all his dreams come true so long as he swears total obedience to her. His career takes off and he has all the wealth and women he could wish for. But there's a terrible price to pay…


Directed by: Mark Freed
© 1990 [company not given but copyright notice is followed by a card for Noma Productions]
Academy Entertainment [logo]. Noma Productions presents
Executive Producers: Al Lapin Jr, Clair Higgins
Produced by: Eric Louzil
Associate Producer: Andrew Cross
Written by: Mark Freed, David Tedder, Andrew Cross
Director of Photography: Ron Chapman
Edited by: Terry Blythe
by: Robert Etoll
Production Sound Mixer: Bruce Hively
Costume Designer: Jacqueline Aronson
Head Make-up/Hair: Amy Snyder
Special Effects Make-up: John “J. Frog” Garcia
Electronic Graphics: Al Winter, Barry Cohen
Production Design: Randy Lapin

Traci Lords (Lindsay [Roberts])
Troy Donahue (record executive 1)
Aldo Ray (Tony)
Stephen Quadros as Angel Martin [in opening credits] Angel/Martin [in end credits]
Tim Moffett (Greg)
Markus Grupa (Jonny)
Karen Russell (Michelle)
Gina Parks (Marilyn)
Laurel Wiley (Monique)
Tyger Sodipe (voodoo woman)
Christopher Maleki (Dustin)
David Homb (Izzy)
Madison Monk (Jimmy Wolf)
Yankee Sulivan (trailer manager)
Barne (WMS) Suboski (record executive 2)
Miyako Kirksey (pizza girl 1)
Kathleen Kane (pizza girl 2)
Phillip Cooper (pizza boy)
Danny Spear (Corbett the cop)
Mark Richardson (Devin)

Alternative Titles

Der Pakt mit dem Teufel – German title
Rock 'em Dead



  • Cinefantastique vol.22 no.1 (August 1991) p.54 – review