Shining Sex (1975)

France, Belgium,
84m 58s (French softcore version), 90m
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1, Techniscope
mono, French

A French science fiction film directed by Jesus Franco using the pseudonym Dan L. Simon. It was made at the same time as Franco's sex film Midnighty Party, in April 1975 and was released in both hardcore and softcore sex versions. Its earliest known theatrical release was in Rome on 12 July 1976.

Plot Summary

Nightclub dancer Cynthia unwisely goes home with two of her clients, Alpha and Andros, who seduce her her and, during sex, rub a strange fluid on her body. This has the effect of turning Cynthia into a brainless slave who now has the power to kill any sex partner she's with. Acting on telepathic orders from Alpha, Cynthia begins to kill everyone who has deduced that Alpha and Andros are .


* = uncredited

Director: Dan L. Simon [real name: Jesus Franco]
Eurociné, Brux International Pictures
Producer: Marius Lesoeur
Written by: Pierre Claude Garnier, A,L. Mariaux [real name: Jesus Franco]
Director of Photography: Gerard Brissaud [real name: Jesus Franco
Editor: Josiane Belair [real name: Jesus Franco]
Music: Daniel J. White

Lina Romay (Cynthia)
Evelyne Scott [real name: Evelyne Deher] (Alpha)
Raymond Hardy [real name: Ramon Ardid] (Andros)
Jesus Franco (Dr Seward)
Monica Swinn (Madame Pécame)
Olivier Mathot (Elmos Kallman)
Pierre Taylou [credited but does not appear]
Yul Sanders [credited but does not appear]
Gerald Cazal [Boris] *
Nicole Guettard [woman who passes message to Cynthia] *
Madeleine Quiquandon [woman wearing turtleneck sweater in audience] *

Alternative Titles

Alpha – working title
La fille au sexe brilliant – French title
Het meisje met de glanzende sex – Dutch title
Piaceri erotici di una signora bene – Italian title
La sexe brillant – alternative French title
Schinning Sex
Shining Sex – La Fille au Sexe Brillant
– French re-release title
Shinning Sex – French video cover title



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