She Freak (1967)

USA, 1967
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Byron Mabe.

Plot Summary

Waitress Claire Brennen runs away to join the carnival only to fall foul of its collection of freaks.


Directed by: Byron Mabe
© MCMLXVII [1967] Sonney-Friedman Pictures
David F. Friedman presents
Produced by: David F. Friedman
Associate Producers: Dan L. Sonney, D.I. Long
Production Manager: Don Hallstrom
Written by: David F. Friedman
Script Supervisor: Kelly Ross
Director of Photography: Bill Troiano
Assistant Cameraman: Andy Romanoff
Chief Electrician: Bob Maxwell
Still Photography: Bill New
Film Editor: Byron Mabe
Assistant [Editor]: Ed de Priest
Original Music Composed by: Billy Allen
Sound Recordist: Ken Carlson
Sound: Ryder Sound Services
Wardrobe Supervisor: Lynn Halote
Miss Brennen’s Wardrobe by: Sassy Pants
Makeup: Harry Thomas
Titles and Optical Effects: CFI
Technical Director: Bobby Cohn

Claire Brennen as Jade Cochran
Lee Raymond as Blackie Fleming
Lynn Courtney as Pat Mullins
Bill McKinney as Steve St. John
Claude Smith [real name: Claude Earl Jones] [Greasy]
Ben Moore [Ben Thomas]
Van Teen & Lee [real name: Madame Lee] [Al Babcock and snake charmer]
Marsha Drake [Olga]
Felix Silla [Shorty]
Bill Bagdad [Pretty-Boy]
Sandra Holcomb [carnival woman]

Alternative Titles

Alley of Nightmares
Asylum of the Insane
– recut version title

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