She Demons (1957)

35mm films, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Richard E. Cunha.

Plot Summary

A group of people marooned on a volcanic island discover an ex-Nazi scientist who is trying to repair his wife's ruined face by experimenting on local women and turning them into she demons.


Directed by: Richard E. Cunha
Copyright MCMLVII [1957]
Astor Pictures presents a Screencraft Enterprises production. Released by Astor Pictures Corporation
Produced by: Arthur A. Jacobs
Associate Producer: Marc Frederic
Story and Screen Play by: Richard Cunha, H.E. Barrie
Photography by: Meredith Nicholson
Film Editor: William Shea
Music by: Nicholas Carras
Sound Mixer: Frank Webster
Costumes: Marj Corso
Make up: Carlie Taylor
Special Effects: David Koehler
Production Design: Harold Banks

Irish McCalla [Jerrie Turner]
Tod Griffin [Fred Maklin]
Victor Sen Young [Sammy Ching]
Rudolph Anders [Col. Karl Osler]
Gene Roth [Egore]
Leni Tana [Mona Osler]
Charles Opuni [Kris Kamana]
Whitey Hughes
Bill Coontz, Billy Dix, Larry Gelbman [stormtroopers]
Maureen Janzen, Grace Mathews [she demons]
Michael Stoycoff [stormtroopers]
The Diane Nellis Dancers [she demons]

Alternative Titles

Démons femelles – Belgium (French), France
Dochters van de duivel – Belgium (Flemish)
Femmes démon – Canada (France)
Femmes démons – France (DVD)
Mujeres demonio – Mexico
Mulheres Demônio – Brazil
Les Prisonnières de l'île maudite – France (video)

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