Shadow Zone: The Undead Express (1996)

USA, 27 October
stereo, English

An American horror television film directed by Stephen Williams.

Plot Summary

A horror-obsessed teenager befriends one of a colony of that lives in the New York subways.


Directed by: Stephen Williams
Copyright Showtime Networks Inc. 1996
Showtime presents in association with Hallmark Entertainment and Lynch Entertainment
Executive Producers: Thomas W. Lynch, John D. Lynch
Produced by: John Danylkiw
Co-producer: Gary L. Stephenson
Consulting Producers: Whitney Malone, Rosalind Noonan
Written by: Roy Sallows
Based on the Book Shadow Zone The Undead Express by: J.R. Black
Director of Photography: Curtis Petersen
Edited by: Ralph Brunjes
Music by: Reg Powell
Sound Mixer: Peter Clements
Costume Designer: Jana Stern
Make-up Artist: Sandra Moore
Hairstylist: Rhoda Ancill
Prosthetic Effects: Paul Jones Effects Studio
“Reaper” Character Created by: Thomas W. Lynch
Special Effects: Martin Malivoire
Visual FX, Titles and Credits: Alex Boothby, Rob Gyorgy, Terry Rose
Production Designer: David Davis
Casting: Margiotta Casting, Mary & Karen Margiotta & Clare Walker Casting

Chauncey Leopardi (Zach)
Natanya Ross (Gabe)
Tony T. Johnson (J.T.)
Ron White (Sims)
Frank Moore (Harv)
Derwin Jordan (Ronnie)
Norma Dell'Agnese (Pearl)
Michael Rhoades (Dwayne)
Wes Craven (counsellor)
Stephen Russell (The Reaper)
Ron Silver (Valentine)
Sherry Miller (Mom)
Ron Lea (Dad)
Linda Carter (Ms. Potasher)
Henry Chan (Mr Chan)
Wayne Robert McNamara (video store clerk)
Joe Pingue (transit cop)
Bill Tarling (conductor)
Bryan Renfro (man in subway)
Deborah Lobban (Jeffreys mom)

Alternative Titles

El expreso de los vampiros – Spanish title
Vampyrexpressen – Swedish title
Zona das Sombras – O Expresso dos Mortos-Vivos – Brazilian title

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