Shadow of the Past (1950)

83m, 7469 feet/2278 metres
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Mario Zampi.

Plot Summary

A sinister woman in black is seen in a flat supposedly empty for two years. Terence Morgan is horrified to find that the woman is a dead ringer for his wife who everyone believed to have been killed in a car crash. This ‘ghost' is all too real, the dead woman's sister in fact, trying to expose Morgan as a murderer.


Director: Mario Zampi
Producer: Mario Zampi
Associate Producer: Mae Murray
Screenplay: Aldo De Benedetti, Ian Stuart Black
Original Story: Aldo De Benedetti
Director of Photography: Hone Glendining
Editor: Giulio Zampi
Music: Stanley Black
Sound Recording: Tommy Myers
Make-up: Harry Davo
Hair: Doreen Hart
Art Director: Ivan King
Studio: Nettlefold Studios (Walton-on-Thames)

Joyce Howard (Helen/Julia [The Lady in Black])
Terence Morgan (John Harding)
Michael Medwin (Dick Stevens)
Andrew Osborn (George Bentley)
Wylie Watson (caretaker)
Marie Ney (Mrs Bentley)
Ella Retford (daily help)
Ronald Adam (solicitor)
Ian Fleming (doctor)
W.E. Holloway (priest)
Louise Gainsborough (Susie)
Eve Ashley (Betty)
Meadows White (porter)
Willoughby Gray (chauffeur)
Francis Roberts (butler)
John Warren (1st furniture man)
Richard Neller (2nd furniture man)
Anthony Pendrell (guest)
Dervis Ward (butler)

Alternative Titles

Lady in Black



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