Shadow of Chinatown (1936b)

15 chapter serial
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Robert F. Hill using the name Bob Hill. This is the feature version of the serial Shadow of Chinatown (1936a).


Directed by: Bob Hill [real name: Robert F. Hill]
Copyright MCMXXXVI [1936] [company not given]
Carmel Productions Inc. presents [re-release]. A Carmel Films release [re-release]. Victory Pictures Corporation
Supervised by: Sam Katzman
Production Manager: Ed W. Rote
Continuity by: Isadore Bernstein and Basil Dickey
Special Dialogue by: William Buchanan
Original Story by: Rock Hawkey [real name: Robert F. Hill]
Photography: Bill Hyer [real name: William Hyer]
Film Editor: Charles Henkel
Recording: Hans Weerin
Settings: Fred Preble

Bela Lugosi as Victor Poten
Herman Brix [real name: Bruce Bennett] as Martin Andrews
Joan Barclay as Joan Whiting
Luana Walters as Sonya Rokoff
Maurice Liu as Willy Fu
Charles King [Grogan]
William Buchanan [Healy]
Forrest Taylor [Police Captain Walters]
Jack Cowell [white Chinaman]
James B. Leong [Wong]
Henry T. Tung [Dr Wu]
Paul Fung [Tom Chu]
George Chan [Old Luee]
Moy Ming [Wong's brother]

Alternative Titles

Yellow Phantom – reissue title

Version of
Shadow of Chinatown (1936a)



  • Screen vol.64 no.4 (Winter 2023) pp.401–425 – illustrated article (To cut a long story short: the featurization of American sound serials by Deborah Allison)