SexWaves (1985)


An American pornographic science fiction film directed by David Michel.

Plot Summary

An accident leaves a frigid young housewife in a coma and her husband and doctor agree to use her in an experiment in brainwave transference. When she recovers, she's become a nymphomaniac.


Directed by: David Michel
© [not given on screen]
Executive Producer: Arthur King
Produced by: David Michel
Line Producer: Eva Catania
Associate Producer: Beverley Michel
Written by: David Michel
Additional Dialogue: Gonzo Thompson
Director of Photography [opening credits] Cinematography [closing credits]: Jean-Cul Grodard
Editor: Pamela Santa Monica
Music: Rick Chaff
Sound: Edward Leontides
Make-up: Geri Kaplan
Hair Styling: Wayne Laurie

Tracy Lords [real name: Traci Lords] (Beverly)
Eric Edwards (David)
Wayne Thomas (Dr Coitus)
Angel West (secretary)
Ken Starbuck (Bancer)
Julie Winchester (Eve)
Greg Rome (Keith
Mark Goldberg (Boc)
Sean Taylor (Gary)
Rene Summers (nurse)
Bax Anthony (waiter)
Richard Carl (bartender)
Mr X (wrestler)
Vera (sister)
B. Zykes (Bancer's friend)

Alternative Titles

Ondas sexuales – Venezuela
Sex Waves

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