Sette uomini d’oro nello spazio (1979)

35mm film, Telecolor
mono, Italian

An Italian science fiction film directed by Alfonso Brescia using the pseudonym Al Bradly.

Plot Summary

The Earth is attacked by an evil alien and his army of androids.


Directed by: Al Bradly [real name: Alfonso Brescia]
A Nais Film production
Production Manager: Luis Alex[real name: Luigi Alessi]
Production Supervisor: Anthoty [sic] White
Story and Screenplay: Edward Gentry, Bill Robertson, Al Bradly [real name: Alfonso Brescia]
2nd Unit and Stunt Director: Paul O'Conner
Assistant Director: Mike Douglas [real name: Franco Pasquetto]
Continuity: Julie Thomas[real name: Giuliana Gherardi]
Director of Photography: John Fischer [real name: Silvio Fraschetti]
Cameraman: Frank Robin
Asst. Cameraman: Greg Loos
Key Grip: Carl Howard
Electrician: Bill Johnson
Still Photographer: Robert King[real name: Roberto Calabró]
Editor: Martin Gross[real name: Mariano Arditi]
Asst. Editor: Anne Wyatt
Original Music: Marcel Petry[real name: Marcello Giombini]
Musical Supervision: National Music
Sound Engineer: Bert Allen
Boom Swinger: Julian Porter
Costume Designer: Helen Scott [real name: Elena de Cupis]
Wardrobe: Mary Compton
Tailoring: G.P.11
Space Suits: Trissi Sport
Shoes: Charles Smith
Make-up Asst.: John Schulman
Wigs: Palombi-Rocchetti
Special Optical Effects: Al Mason[real name: Aldo Frollini]
Space Scenes – Special Effects: Studio “H” – Rome
Soft Furnishings: Alfred Springs
Furniture: Ikonos
Production Secretary: Luis Nolan[real name: Luigi Colella]
Assistant Production Secretary: Joseph Curtis[real name: Giuseppe Currao]
Vehicles: Martin Clay
Plastic Materials: Urbalplesi

Yanti Somer [Irene]
Gianni Garko [Dirk Laramie]
Sharon Baker [real name: Malisa Longo] [Bridget]
Chris Avran [Shawn]
Henry Brenner [real name: Ennio Balbo] [Professor Mauri]
Robert Rivers [Norman]
Al Elliot [real name: Aldo Amoroso Pioso]
Caty Water
Joseph Thorne
Phil Browne
Tony Forster
Phil Shelby [real name: Filippo Perrone]
Frank Weber [real name: Franco Ressel]
Max Right [real name: Massimo Righi]
Robert Egan
Steve Jordan
Steve Perkins
Anthony Newcastle

Alternative Titles

Captive Planet
Matka tuntemattomaan – Finland
Space Odyssey – USA
Star Odyssey – USA, West Germany



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