Serpiente de mar (1985)

Spain, 1985
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Amando de Ossorio.

Plot Summary

A nuclear explosion in the Atlantic revives a giant prehistoric sea monster that comes ashore on the Spanish coast.


Directed by: Gregory Greens [real name: Amando de Ossorio]
Calepas International presents a Constan Films S.A. film
Produced by: José Frade
Written by: Gordon A. Osburn [real name: Amando de Ossorio]
Director of Photography: Raul P. Cutler [real name: Raúl Pérez Cubero]
Editor: Anthony Red [real name: José Antonio Rojo]
Music by: Robin Davis [real name: Manel Santisteban]
Sound Recordist: Joseph Cherry
Make-up: Fernand Flower [real name: Fernando Florido]
Hair Stylist: Lola G. King [real name: Dolores García Rey]
Special Effects: Frank Cuttlet, Thomas Urbant, Joseph Vargas
Art Director: Joseph L. Galic [real name: José Luis Galicia]

Timothy Bottoms (Pedro Fontán)
Taryn Power (Margaret)
Jared Martin (Linares)
Ray Milland (Professor Timothy Wallace)
Gérard Tichy
Carole James (Jill)
Jack Taylor (Asesino)
León Klimovsky (Dr Moore)
Miguel de Grandy
Paul Benson
Charly Bravo
Vic Israel [real name: Víctor Israel] (Porto)
Joe Canals [real name: José Canalejas]
Edward Beamont [real name: Eduardo Bea]
Texsa Elmer [real name: Teresa del Olmo]
Alice Burby [real name: Alicia González]
Diana Eagle [real name: Pilar Alcón] (Enfermera)
Joseph Yates [real name: José Yepes]
George Bosso [real name: Jorge Bosso]
Beatrice Floyd [real name: Beatriz Savón]

Alternative Titles

Hydra – Portugal, USA (video)
Hydra – Die Ausgeburt der Hölle – West Germany
Hydra, le monstre des profondeurs – France
Hydra: Monster of the Deep – English language title
The Sea Serpent – Norway, USA
Гидра – Russia

Extracts included in
¡Zarpazos! Un viaje por el Spanish Horror (2013)



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