Serpent Island (1954)

35mm film, black and white/colour, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Tom Gries.

Plot Summary

Ann Christoff, a secretary from Pennsylvania, learns that her great-grandfather's left behind a stash of hidden treasure. She sets out to find it, helped by washed up sailor Pete Mason and the shifty Captain Kirk Ellis. Together, they travel to a remote island off Haiti where they find the treasure – but it's being guarded by a cult and a vicious snake.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Tom Gries
Copyright MCMLIV [1954] by Z-A Productions Inc.
Producer: Bert I. Gordon *
Written by: Tom Gries
Director of Photography: Bert I. Gordon
Supervising Editor: Bert Gordon
Music: Domingo Rodrigues
Recording: Phil Baribault
Sound Editor: Igo Kantor
Sound: Picture Recorders
Animals: Ralph Helfer of Nature's Haven
Locations: Haiti *; San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA *

Sonny Tufts (Pete Mason)
Tom Monroe (Kirk Ellis)
Rosalind Hayes (Ann Christoff)
Don Blackman (Jacques)
Mary Munday (Ricki André)