Serenata macabra (1968)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, Spanish

A Mexican horror film directed by Juan Ibañez (credited as John Ibanez on English language version prints). Additional scenes were shot in the USA directed by Jack Hill.

Plot Summary

Relatives gather at an old castle for the reading of a will where they are killed by the toys made by a sinister toy maker.


Director (Mexico): John Ibanez [real name: Juan Ibañez]
Director (US): Jack Hill
© 1987 Parasol Group Ltd [Dance of Death version]
Producciones Filmicas Vergara, Columbia Pictures Corporation
Producer: Henry Verg [real name: Luis Enrique Vergara]
Screenplay: Jack Hill, Henry Verg [real name: Luis Enrique Vergara]
Based on The Fall of the House of Usher by: Edgar Allan Poe
Director of Photography (Mexico): Raúl Domínguez
Director of Photography (US): Austin Mckinney
Editor: Ángel Camacho
Music: Henry Cbiati [real name: Enrico Cabiati]
Sound Recorders: Richard Salder [real name: Ricardo Saldívar], William Carras [real name: Guillermo Carrasco]
Wardrobe (Mexico): Vicente Tostado
Wardrobe (US): Richard S. Bruno
Make-up (Mexico): Antonio Ramírez
Make-up (US): Louis Lane
Hair: Maria Elena Ortiz
Special Effects (Mexico): Herny Gordillo [real name: Enrique Gordillo]
Special Effects (US): Ross Hahn
Art Direction (Mexico): George Mendez [real name: José Méndez, Octavio Ocampo]
Art Director (US): Ray Markham
Special Art Design (US): Jo Anne Jordan
Filmed at: Dored Studios, Hollywood; Studios America [real name: Mexico Estudios América]

Boris Karloff (Mattías Morteval)
Julissa (Lucy Durant)
Andrés García (Carlos Bisler)
Angel Espinoza [real name: José Ángel Espinosa Ferrusquilla] (Dr Emery Horvath)
Manuel Alvarado (Morgenstern Morteval)
Beatriz Baz (Cordelia Rast)
Quintín Bulnes (Ivar Morteval)
Arturo Fernández (Fodor)
Carmen Vélez
Felipe De Flores
Fernando Saucedo
Eduardo Mora
José Luis González de León (Fodor)
Victor Jordán
José Antonio García

Alternative Titles

La ballata della morte – Italian title
Dance of Death – English language, German title
House of Evil – US title
Macabre sérénade – French title
Macabre Serenade – Irish title
Serenata Macabra – Brazilian, Colombian title
Tanz des Todes – German DVD title
Totentanz im Schreckensschloß – German title


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