Sei donne per l’assassino (1964)

Italy, France, Monaco, 1964
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Mario Bava.

Plot Summary

Fashion models at a boarding house are being stalked and murdered by a masked killer.


Directed by: Mario Bava
An Emmepi Cinematografica production. Emmepi Cinematografica -Roma, Georges de Beauregard – Parigi, Monachia Film – Monaco
Produced by: Massimo Patrizi and Alfred Mirabel
Story and Screenplay by: Marcello Fondato
In collaboration with Giuseppe Barilla [Joe Barilla on English language prints], Mario Bava
English version Directed, Produced and Written by: Lou Moss [English language version]
Screen Adaptation: Kelly Leon [English language version]
Director of Photography: Ubaldo Terzano [Herman Tarzana on English language prints]
Editor: Mario Serandreai [Mark Suran on English language prints]
Music by: Carlo Rustichelli [Carl Rustic on English language prints]
Sound: Vittorio Trentino [Victor Trenton on English language prints]
Costumes: Tina Grani [Tina Grand on English language prints]
Miss Bartok’s Costumes by: Eleanor Garnett
Make-up: Emilio Trani [Emil Trainor on English language prints]
Hair Stylist: Marisa Laganga [Maria Logan on English language prints]
Art Director: Arrigo Breschi [Harry Brest on English language prints]
Studio: A.T.C., Roma

Cameron Mitchell (Massimo Morlacchi [Max Morlan in English language prints])
Eva Bartok (Countess Cristiana/Christina Cuomo)
Thomas Reiner (Inspector Silvestri [Inspector Sylvester in English language prints])
Arianna Gorini [Arian Gorin on English language prints] (Nicole)
Dante Di Paolo (Franco/Frank Scala, antiquarian)
Mary Arden (Peggy)
Franco Ressel [Frank Russel on English language prints] (M Riccardo Morelli [Richard Morell in English language prints])
Claude Dantes (Tao-Li)
Luciano Pigozzi [Louis Pigot on English language prints] (Cesare Lazzarini [Cesare Lazzare in English language prints])
Lea Krugher [Lea Lander on English language prints] (Greta)
Massimo Righi [Max Right on English language prints (Marco)
Francesca Ungaro [Frances Right on English language prints] (Isabella)
Giuliano Raffaelli [Julian Rafael on English language prints] (Inspector Zanchin)
Hariette White Medin [a pseudonym for Harriet White Medin] (Clarice)
Mara Carmosino [Mary Carmen on English language prints]
Heidi Stroh [Heidi Troy on English language prints]
Enzo Cerusico (garage attendant)
Nadia Anty [Nadia Antin on English language prints]

Alternative Titles

6 femmes pour l’assassin – France
6 gynaikes gia to dolofono – Greece
6 mujeres para el asesino – Mexico
Aima kai mavri dantella – Greece (video)
Aima sti mavri dantela – Greece (re-release)
L’Atelier de la mort – Canada (French)
L’Atelier de la peur – France
Blod och svarta spetsar – Sweden
Blood and Black Lace – English language title
Blutige Seide – West Germany
Fashion House of Death
Hat halott modell
– Hungary
Hat nö és a gyilkos – Hungary (television)
Himotappaja – Finland
Jernhånden i rædselsnatten – Denmark
Lustmördaren – Finland (Swedish)
Moderu renzoku satsujin! – Japan
Sei donne per l’assassino – Italy
Seis mujeres para el asesino – Mexico, Spain, Uruguay
Seis mujeres para un asesino – Argentina
Seis Mulheres Para o Assassino – Brazil
Seis Mulheres Para Um Assassino – Portugal
Sest zensk za morilca – Slovenia
Verta ja mustaa pitsiä – Finland
Der Würger mit der Maske – Austria

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