Seddok “l’erede di satana” (1960)

Italy, 1960
69m (USA – Acme Video: note the sleeves states 105m, though this is wrong), 72m (US video), 87m
35mm film, black and white
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Anton Giulio Majano.

Plot Summary

A surgeon repairs the ruined face of a stripper who has been horribly disfigured in a car accident. But to preserve her appearance, he needs to perform further operations using glands taken from women he murders after transforming into a monster.


Directed by: Anton Giulio Majano
Film Selezione presents a Lion’s Films production
Produced by: Mario Fava
Screenplay by: Gino De Santis, Alberto Bevilacqua and Anton Giulio Majano
Story by: Piero Monviso
Director of Photography: Aldo Giordani
Editor: Gabriele Varriale
Original Music by: Armando Trovaioli, directed by the composer
Sound Technician: Ivo Benedetti
Key Make-up: Euclide Santoli
Hairdresser: Titta Fernanda
Special Make-up Effects: Ivo Benedetti
Monster Filming and Effects by: Ugo Amadoro
Special Effects: Euclide Santoli
Art Director: Walter Martigli
Studio: “Pisornia” Terrenia

Alberto Lupo (Professor Alberto Levin)
Susanne Loret (Jeanette Moreneau)
Sergio Fantoni (Pierre Mornet)
Franca Parisi (Monique Riviere)
Andrea Scotti
Rina Franchetti
Roberto Bertea as Sacha
Ivo Garrani
Gianni Loti
Tullio Altamura
Gianna Piaz
Francesco Sormano
Nicoletta Vare’
Cartei Appio
Bruno Benedetti
Silvano Marabotti
Alfredo Mariotti
Glamor Mora in an original Afro-Cuban dance with the “Complesso 5 Diavoli”

Alternative Titles

Atom Age Vampire – USA
Le Monstre au masque – France

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