Secrets of Sex (1969)

UK, 1969
30m (UK re-release), 82m
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Anthony Balch.

Plot Summary

An anthology film, mainly about sex, but featuring some horror themes. The first story features a writer researching a book on the history of torture. The young stud she hires to model for photograph recreating some of the great torture devices is strung up straddling a razor-sharp blade with weights attached to his ankles, attached to the notorious Spanish Horse. The second episode is the tale of a scientist and her appalling lover. He finances her research, yearns for a son and thinks that women are only good for use as baby factories. She hates him with a passion, tolerates him only because he supports her work, and plots the sickest of revenges. Knowing full well that she carries a destructive gene that will create mutant children, she consents to marry him and promises to bear him the child he wants so much…


Directed by: Anthony Balch
© MCMLIX [1969] by Noteworthy Films Ltd.
Richard Gordon presents an Antony Balch production
Executive Producer: Richard Gordon
Produced by: Anthony Balch
Written by: Martin Locke, John Eliot, Maureen Owen, Elliott Stein, Anthony Balch
From The Story of Lindy Leigh: by Alfred Mazure
Director of Photography: David McDonald
Film Editor: John Rushton
Music by: De Wolfe
Sound Recording: John Jordan
Make up: Peter Armston

Kenneth Benda (Sacha Seremona)
Dorothy Grumbar (the photographer)
Anthony Rowlands (the model)
Yvonne Quenet (Mary-Clare)
Sue Bond (the call girl)
Laurelle Streeter (the lady in the greenhouse)
Cathy Howard (the cat burglar)
Mike Briton (the burgled man)
Nicola Austine (the Flicker Flashback girl)
Elliott Stein (the strange young man)
Bob E. Raymond (her [the lady in the greenhouse] new valet)
Reid Anderson (Dr Rilke)
George Herbert (the steward)
Janet Spearman (the judge’s wife)
Norma Eden (the photographer’s assistant)
Steve Preston (Philpott)
John Hale
Peter Carlisle (Colonel X)
Joyce Leigh Crossley, Karrie Lambert (Flicker Flashback ladies)
Mike Patten, Raymond George (Flicker Flashback boys)
Graham Burrows
Marilyn Head
Sylvia Delamere
Ken Norris
Richard Schulman (the judge)
Valentine Dyall (the voice of the mummy)

Alternative Titles

Bizarre – alternative title
Eros Exploding
Erotic Tales from the Mummy’s Tomb
– early title
Secrets of Sex
Tales of the Bizarre – USA

Extracts included in
Shiver and Shudder Show (2001)



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