Search for the Jewel of Polaris: Mysterious Museum (1999)

35mm film, colour
DTS, English

An American fantasy film directed by David Schmoeller.

Plot Summary

Siblings Ben and Kim are visiting a museum when a vortex opens and transports them into the worlds depicted in the museum's .


Directed by: David Schmoeller
© 2012 Moonbeam Films 1The US DVD release is copyrighted 2012]
The Kushner-Locke Company presents a Pulsepounders production. A David Schmoeller film
Executive Producers: Peter Locke, Donald Kushner
Produced by: Vlad Paunescu
Co-producer: Dana Scanlan
Written by: Adam Wohl
Director of Photography: Gabriel Kosuth
Edited by: Steve Nielson
Music Composed and Conducted by: Carl Dante
Production Sound Mixer: Tiberiu Borcoman
Costume Designer: Oana Paunescu
Key Make-up Dana Busoiu
Key Hair: Letitia Ghenea
Special Visual Effects: John R. Ellis, David Lange, Jerrod Cornish
Production Designer: Radu Corciova

Andrew James Trauth 2Credited as A.J. Trauth in the end crdeits] (Ben)
Brianna Brown (Kim)
Megan Lusk (Casey)
John Duerler (Monty)
Adrian Neil (Falco)
Michael Lee Gogin (Palmay)
David Schmoeller (dad)
Eugen Cristea (Darbin)
Alexandru Bindea (magistrate)
Mihai Verbitchi (Danko)
Mircea Bodolan (rogue 1)
Constantin Barcelescu (rogue 2)
Marcello Cobzariu (rogue 3)
Doru Bobesiu (rogue 4)
Virgil Constantin (rogue 6)
Radu Zetu (rogue 7)
Mihai Danu (rogue 7 sidekick)
Mihai Baranga (rogue 8)

Alternative Titles

Ein Held auf Rollerblades – Germany
Night at the Magic Museum
Rollerblade Knights – Germany