Scrooge (1970)

35mm, Panavision (anamorphic), Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono (35mm prints), 70mm 6-Track (70 mm prints), English

An Anglo-American fantasy film directed by Richard Neame.

Plot Summary

Miserly London businessman Ebenezer is visited on Eve by the ghost of his dead business partner Marley, who warns him that three more will appear during the night trying to show Scrooge the error of his ways. As the night wears on, he's visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. But will even they be enough to soften old Scrooge's heart?


Directed by: Ronald Neame
© MCMLXX [1970] Cinema Center Films Inc.
Cinema Center Films presents a Waterbury Films production [opening credits] A Cinema Center Films presentation. A National General release [end credits]
Executive Producer: Leslie Bricusse
Produced by: Robert H. Solo
Associate Producer: David W. Orton
Screenplay by: Leslie Bricusse
Based on by Charles Dickens
Director of Photography: Oswald Morris
Film Editor: Peter Weatherley
Music and Lyrics by: Leslie Bricusse
Sound Mixer: Jock May
Costume Designer: Margaret Furse
Chief Make Up Artist: George Frost
Chief Hair Stylist: Bobbie Smith
Special Effects: Wally Veevers
Production Designer: Terry Marsh
Made at: Shepperton Studios, London, England

Albert Finney (Ebenezer Scrooge)
Edith Evans (Ghost of Christmas Past)
Kenneth More (Ghost of Christmas Present)
Laurence Naismith (Mr Fezziwig)
Michael Medwin (Fred)
David Collings (Bob Cratchit)
Anton Rodgers (Tom Jenkins)
Suzanne Neve (Isabel Fezziwig)
Frances Cuka (Mrs Cratchit)
Derek Francis (1st portly gentleman)
Gordon Jackson (Tom)
Roy Kinnear (2nd portly gentleman)
Mary Peach (Fred's wife)
Paddy Stone (Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come)
Kay Walsh (Mrs Fezziwig)
Geoffrey Bayldon (toyshop owner)
Helena Gloag (women debtor)
Reg Lever (Punch and Judy man)
Keith Marsh (well wisher)
Marianne Stone (party guest)
Alec Guinness (Jacob Marley's ghost)

Alternative Titles

O Adorável Avarento – Brazilian title
La alegre historia de Scrooge – Argentine title
Hristougenniatiki balada – Greek title
Et juleeventyr – Danish title
Muchas gracias, Mr Scrooge – Spanish title
La più bella storia di Dickens – Italian title
Saiturin joulu – Finnish title

Extracts included in
The Great Christmas Movies (1998)
Screen Test: 7 February 1973

Production Notes

Finney became involved with the film when he read a copy of the script belonging to Michael Medwin and asked to be considered for the title role.

The budget was reported to be $5 million. 1Today's Cinema no.9771 (16 January 1970) p.8

The film was the ninth most successful “road show” release in the UK during 1971. 2CinemaTV Today no.9961 (1 January 1972) p.2


The film was largely well-received by the critics. Murf in Variety for example called in “a most delightful film in every way,” heaped praise on Albert Finney's “remarkable performance in the title role”, Leslie Bricusse's “fluid adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic […] plus his unobtrusive complementary music and lyrics”, Ronald Neame's “delicately controlled direction” and the “outstanding work of [cinematographer] Oswald Morris.”



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