Screen Two: The Blue Boy (1995)

UK, USA, 2 January 1995
16mm film, colour, 4:3
Dolby, English
Series: Screen Two (1985-1998) – series 12, episode 2

A British/American horror television play directed by Paul Murton.

Plot Summary

Marie is pregnant and facing the prospect of losing her unfaithful husband Joe. To patch things up, they take a holiday in the Scottish countryside but end up at the hotel that Joe uses for his meetings with his lover. Marie learns of a young boy who drowned in a nearby lake and finds herself haunted by his ghost as her grip on sanity loosens.


Director: Paul Murton
BBC, WGBH Boston
Executive Producer: Andrea Calderwood
Executive Producer For WGBH: Rebecca Eaton
Producer: Kate Swan
Script: Paul Murton
Director of Photography: Stuart Wyld
Editor: Peter Hayes
Music: Philip Appleby
Sound: Stuart Bruce
Costume Designers: David Beeton, Fiona Ring
Make Up Designer: Cheryl Mercer
Production Designer: Graham Rose

Emma Thompson (Marie Bonnar)
Adrian Dunbar (Joe Bonnar)
Eleanor Bron (Christine)
David Horovitch (Robert)
Joanna Roth (Beth)
Phyllida Law (Marie’s mother)
Barry Molloy (Kiran)
Lewis Howden (Kenny)
Jim Twaddale (Archie)
Carol Ann Crawford (doctor)
Sandy Welch (Kiran’s father)
Veronica Leer (lover)
Michael Kennedy (baby)

Cast Gallery


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