Screamtime (1983)

35mm film, colour
mono, English
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A British anthology horror film directed by Stanley A. Long using the pseudonym Al Beresford. It is made up of three short films directed by Long edited together with a new framing story.

Plot Summary

A compilation of three short stories: in the first, a man is menaced by his homicidal Punch doll. In the second, a newlywed couple are haunted by strange events at their new home; while the third finds a handyman discovering that not only do the exist, but they're a rather nasty bunch to boot.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Al Beresford [real name: Stanley A. Long]
[© not given on screen]
Alpha Films *
Produced by: Al Beresford [real name: Stanley A. Long]
Production Managers: Brian Bilgorri, Hugh O'Donnell
Screenplay by: Michael Armstrong
Asst. Directors: Tony Dyer, Rex Piano, Paul Tivers
Photography: Don Lord, Alan Pudney, Mike Spera
Asst. Cameramen: Mike Connor, Dale Denning, Marc Garroni, Dave Lawrence
Loader: Frank Bigg
Gaffers: Len Duncan, John Foster, Les Wiggins
Post Production: John Bevan Industrial Video Productions
Colour Processing: Rank Laboratories, Denham
Music: KPM
Sound Mixers: Gene DeFever, Stan Phillips, David Stevenson
Boom Operators: Keith Batten, Charlie McFadden, Mike Tucker
Re-recording: WFS Ltd.
Wardrobe: Ruth Collier, Imogen Magnus
Make-up Created by: Paula Dorf, Sandra Exelby, Beryl Lerman
Special Make-up Effects: Nick Maley for Make Up Effects Ltd.
Special Make Up Effects: Bob Keen *
Art Directors: Adrienne Atkinson, Martin Atkinson, Brian Savegar
Props: William Stark, Dan Evans
Production Secretary: Pauline Stevenson
Production Assts.: John Cassidy, John Gabriel
Asst. to the Producers: Justin Moyle
Filmed entirely on locations in New York and England

[Framing Story]
Vincent Russo (Ed)
Michael Gordon (Bruce)
Marie Scinto (Marie)
Kevin Smith (shop owner)

[That's the Way to Do It]
Robin Bailey (Jack)
Anne Lynn (Lena)
Johnathan Morris (Damien)
Dione Inman (Suzy)
Boscoe Hogan (doctor)
John Styles (Punch voice)

Ian Saynor (Tony)
Yvonne Nicholson (Susan)
Lally Bowers (Mrs Kingsley)
Veronica Doran (Miss Burns)
Brenda Kempner (woman)

[Do You Believe in Fairies?]
Dora Bryan (Emma)
Jean Anderson (Mildred)
David Van Day (Gavin)
Matthew Peters (Tim)
Philip Bloomfield (Colin)
Gary Linley (Frank)
Kim Thomson (Lady Anne)

[uncredited cast]
Robert Dorning
Roger Fairhead
Orla Pederson
Brian Croucher
Edward Riseman
Julie Jupp
Karen Seacombe
Clare Davenport
John Skitt
Mick Worsley
Charles Sproggit

Alternative Titles

Kauhun hetket – Finnish title
Screamtime – Die unheimlich verrückte Videostunde – German title

Do You Believe in Fairies? (1983)
Dreamhouse (1981)
That's the Way to Do It (1982)



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