Scream – and Die! (1973)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by José Larraz using the name Joseph Larraz.

Plot Summary

Valerie is a beautiful young model whose shifty boyfriend Terry leads her on a disastrous burglary of a remote country house. Almost discovered by the returning owner, she hides in a cupboard and witnesses the brutal murder of another young woman by a black gloved assassin. Her flatmate Lorna is subsequently raped and murdered, and the man in the flat downstairs has a penchant for wearing black gloves…


Directed by: Joseph Larraz [real name: José Ramón Larraz]
© MCMLXXIII [1973] Blackwater Film Productions Ltd.
Diana Daubeney presents a Blackwater Film production
Produced by: Diana Daubeney
Screenplay by: Derek Ford
Director of Photography: Trevor Wrenn
Supervising Editor: Derek Ford
Sound Recordist: Peter Day
Wardrobe Mistress: Eileen Sullivan
Art Director: John Hoesli
Made on location in Essex and London

Andrea Allen (Valerie)
Karl Lanchbury (Paul)
Maggie Walker (Susanna)
Peter Forbes-Robertson (Mr Hornby)
Judy Matheson (Lorna)
Annabella Wood (Stella)
Alex Leppard (Terry)
Lawrence Keane (Mike)
Edmund Pegge (Kent)
Daphne Lea (Mrs Dabney)
Richard Aylen (Inspector Matheson)
Barbara Meale (1st victim)
Joshua Leppard (Peter)
Raymond Young (car driver)

Alternative Titles

Don't Go in the Bedroom – USA
The House that Vanished
L'ombra dell'assassino
– Italy
Psycho Sex Fiend
Scream or Die!
Violación ¿y…?
– Spain



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