Scorched Heat (1987)

Dolby, Swedish

A Swedish horror film directed by Peter Borg.

Plot Summary

Businessman Steve and his wife Linda travel from Dallas to Sweden to visit Steve's old friend Eric who is threatening to confess to a crime that he and Steve committed years before. But they find that Eric has gone insane and as they become more and more involved with him, they find it increasingly difficult to tell fact from fantasy.


Director: Peter Borg
Cobra Productions
Produced by: Kjell Larsson
Script: Peter Borg, Johan Dernelius, Anders Jönsson
Director of Photography: Mats Hallesjö
Sound Director: Lars Hallesjö
Locations: Kalkbrottet, Malmö, Skåne län, Sweden

Peter Borg (Priest)
Martin Brandqvist (Eric)
Babs Brinklund (Linda)
Dennis Castillo (young Eric)
Demba Conta (cab driver)
Johan Dernelius (burglar)
Tony Ellis (Nike Tylor)
Eric Elmerson (young Steve)
Michael Flanigan (Harry Grant)
Anna Fransson (Blaze)
Max Fredriksson (gang leader)
Johnny Harborg (Mr George Andersson)
Anders Jönsson (police officer)
Kjell Larsson (church demon)
Martin J. Larsson (church visitor)
Kay Müller (hoodlum 2)
Peter Persson (hoodlum 1)
Anders Sjoeland (Big Boss)
Harald Treutiger (Steve)
Carina Welinder (Wizzy)

Alternative Titles

Scorched Heat – raivon vallassa – Finland