Science Fiction Theatre: Who Is This Man? (1956)

USA, 20 April 1956
35mm film, black and white, 4:3
mono (Western Electric Recording), English
Series: Science Fiction Theatre (1955-1957) – season 2 , episode 3

An American fantasy television episode directed by William Castle.

Plot Summary

Tommy Cooper’s shyness is so chronic that it’s starting to affect his college work. He turns to psychologist Dr Bentley for help and is placed under hypnosis to find the cause of his anxiety. But while in a trance, he claims to be Jack Welsch, a man hanged for murder in 1888.


* = uncredited

Directed by: William Castle
Copyright MCMLVI [1956] ZIV Television Programs, Inc.
A ZIV Television production
In Charge of Production: Ivan Tors
Screenplay by: Charles B. Smith
Director of Photography: Robert Hoffman
Film Editor: Duncan Mansfield
Sound Mixer: Jay Ashworth
Special Scientific Effects: Harry Redmond Jr
Set Designer: Jack Collis
Scientific Advisor on Electronics and Radiation: Maxwell Smith

Bruce Bennett [Dr Hugh Bentley]
David Alpert [Dr Porter Owen]
Harlow Wilcox [Karl Krauss]
Charles Smith [Tommy Cooper]
Tom Pittman [Willis]
Lisa Davis [Alice Cooper]
Tom Bernard [Joe Ellison]
Maureen Cassidy [Judy]
Don Eitner [Henry Richards]
Sam Scar [waiter]
Truman Bradley [host/narrator] *