Schoolgirls in Chains (1973)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Don Jones.

Plot Summary

Two brothers, ruled over by their vicious and incestuous mother, abduct young women who they keep as ‘pets' in their basement. Their victims are used in brutal “games” of and murder.


Directed by: Don Jones
© [not given on screen]
Executive Producer: Dave Arthur
Produced by: Don Jones
Screenplay: Don Jones
Director of Photography: Ron Garcia
Editor: Maria Lease
Music and Vocals by: Josef Powell
Production Sound: Mike Hall
Makeup: Ron Foreman

Gary Kent (Frank Barrows)
John Stoglin (John Barrows)
Robert Matthews [real name: Stafford Morgan]
Suzanne Lund (Ginger)
Leah Tate [real name: Cheryl Waters] (Bonnie)
Lynn Ross [real name: Merrie Lynn Ross] (Sue)
T.R. Blackburn (Stevie)
Greta Gaylord (mother)
Russell Lane [real name: Sara Lane]
Ervin Sanders [real name: Irv Saunders]
Herb Goldstein

Alternative Titles

Abducted – Australia, UK video title
Let's Play Dead – US video title



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