Schiave bianche violenza profonda (1985)

Italy, 1985
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono (Westrex Sound System), Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Mario Gariazzo using the name Ray Garrett.

Plot Summary

18-year-old Catherine Miles graduates from boarding school and joins her parents on a trip to the Amazon. Her parents are murdered by a cannibal tribe and she is captured, surving by integrating into the tribe and falling in love with a young tribesman.


Directed by: Roy Garrett [real name: Mario Gariazzo]
© [not given on screen]
The Cinevega presents. Cinevega s.r.l. Roma, Industrial Cinematografica
Story and Screenplay: Franco Prosperi
Director of Photography: Silvano Ippoliti
Film Editor: Gianfranco Amicucci
Music Composed, Arranged and Directed by : Franco Campanino
Soundman: Simon Fleszler
Wardrobe: Concetta De Pascalis
Make-up: Franco Di Girolamo
Special Effects: Aldo Gasparri
Set Designer: Gianni Caccitti
Interiors & Special Effects Filmed at: Rome De Paolis Studios

Elvire Audray
Will Gonzales
Dick Marshall
Andrew Louis Coppola
Dick Campbell
Alma Vernon
Grace Williams
Sara Fleszer
Mark Cannon
James Boyle
Peter Robyns
Jessica Bridges
Stephanie Walters
Neal Berger
Deborah Savage
Kim Arnold

Alternative Titles

Amazon: Catherine Miles’ın Öyküsü – Turkey
Amazonia – Kopfjagd im Regenwald – West Germany
Amazonia – The Catherine Miles Story – Finland (video)
Amazonia: L’esclave blonde – France
Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story – Canada, Norway
Amazonios – Greece
Cannibal Holocaust 2, the Catherine Miles Story – United States
Cannibal Holocaust 2: The Catherine Miles Story – Germany
Cannibal Holocaust II – The Catherine Miles Story – Austria (DVD)
Forest Slave – Belgium
Holocausto caníbal 2 – Spain
Holocausto Canibal 2: La historia de Catherine Miles – Mexico, Spain
L’esclave blonde – France
Liane: Reine de la Jungle – France
Schiave bianche – Violenza in Amazzonia – alternative title, Philippines
White Slave – India (Hindi), UK, USA
Амазония – Soviet Union
Бялата робиня – Bulgaria
食人族VS首刈族 – Japan



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