Scared to Death (1946)

USA, 1946
35mm film, “photographed in natural color”, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Christy Cabanne.


Directed by: Christy Cabanne
Copyright MCMXLVI [1946] by Golden Gate Pictures
Released by Screen Guild Productions, Inc.
Produced by: William B. David
Production Manager: Walt Mattox
Original Story and Screenplay: W.J. Abbott
Assistant Director: Robt. Farfan
Cinematographer: Marcel LePicard
Film Editor: George McGuire
Musical Score: Carl Hoefle
Sound Engineer: Glen Glenn
Wardrobe: Albert Deano
Makeup: Roland Ray
Hairdresser: [Evelyn Bennett
Set Director: Frank Dexter Sr
Art Director: Harry Reiff

Bela Lugosi (Professor Leonide)
George Zucco (Dr Josef Van Ee)
Nat Pendleton (Bill ‘Bull’ Raymond)
Molly Lamont (Laura Van Ee)
Joyce Compton (Jane Cornell)
Gladys Blake (Lilybeth)
Roland Varno (Ward Van Ee)
Douglas Fowley (Terry Lee)
Stanley Andrews (pathologist)
Angelo Rossitto (Indigo)
Lee Bennett (Rene)
Stanley Price (intern)
Dorothy Christy [Mrs Williams]

Alternative Titles

Accent on Horror – working title
The Autopsy
– working title



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