Scared Stiff (1986)

USA, 1986
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Richard Friedman.

Plot Summary

A singer and her young son move into an old colonial-era house with her new psychiatrist boyfriend. She’s soon being haunted by the ghosts of a former slave owner and his victims.


Directed by: Richard Friedman
© 1986 The Fremont Group
Daniel F. Bacaner presents. A Fremont Group production
Produced by: Daniel F. Bacaner
Associate Producer: Charles S. Carroll
Original Screenplay by: Mark Frost, Daniel F. Bacaner, Richard Friedman
Director of Photography: Yuri Denysenko
Edited by: Nick Gerard Stagliano
Score Produced and Composed by: The Barber Brothers
Sound Mixers/Recordists: Joe Foglia, Mark Weber
Costume Design: Beverly Safier
Make-up/Hair: Isabel Harkins
Monster Photography: APA Studios
Optical Effects: The Optical House EFX, Inc.
Mechanical and Prosthetic Effects: Tyler K. Smith
Production Design: Wynn P. Thomas
Casting: Julie Hughes, Barry Moss

Andrew Stevens (David Young)
Mary Page Keller (Kate Christopher)
David Ramsey (George Masterson)
Josh Segal (Jason)
William M. Hindman (Dr Ben Brightman)
Jakie Davis (Detective Whitcomb)
Nicole Fortier (Elizabeth Masterson)
Brian Smith (director)
Tony Shepherd (Wally)
Tom Kouchalakos (Michael Murphy)
Jennifer Hingel (Jennifer)
Richard Jason (Elizabeth’s son)
Pete Conrad (short man)
Carol Gun (Sherry)
Ellen Simmons (Claire)
Chris Gilbert (Mover)
Dee Dee Deering
Denis Hartigan
Patricia Rainier
Artie Malesci

Alternative Titles

Abraxas – Canada (French), France
The Masterson Curse – New Zealand
To petrino fylahto – Greece (video)
Pesadilla macabra – Colombia
El talismán del terror – Spain
Der Voodoo-Fluch – Germany



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