Scanners (1981)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Canadian science fiction/horror film directed by David Cronenberg. Production took place between 30 October and 23 December 1979 and the film was first released in the USA on 14 January 1981 in 387 cinemas.

Plot Summary

A race of powerful telepaths known as “scanners” has started to emerge and one of them has been recruited by a scientist and his shady organisation to track down and stop a murderous, power-mad scanner.


Directed by: David Cronenberg
Pierre David and Victor Solnicki present a David Cronenberg film. This film was produced with the participation of The Candian Film Development Corporation
Executive Producers: Victor Solnicki, Pierre David
Produced by: Claude Héroux
Written by: David Cronenberg
Director of Photography: Mark Irwin
Edited by: Ronald Sanders
Music by: Howard Shore
Sound: Don Cohen
Costume Designer: Delphine White
Make-up: Brigitte McCaughry
Hair: Constant Natale
Consultant for Special Make-up Effects: Dick Smith
Special Make-up: Stéphan Dupuis, Chris Walas, Tom Schwartz
Special Effects: Gary Zeller
Micro Effects: Dennis Pike
Art Director: Carol Spier

Jennifer O'Neill (Kim Obrist)
Stephen Lack (Cameron Vale)
Patrick McGoohan (Dr Paul Ruth)
Lawrence Dane (Braedon Keller)
Michael Ironside (Darryl Revok)
Robert Silverman (Benjamin Pierce)
Lee Broker (Security One)
Mavor Moore (Trevellyan)
Adam Ludwig (Arno Crostic)
Lee Murray (programmer 1)
Fred Doederlein (Dieter Tautz)
Géza Kovács (killer in record store)
Sony Forbes, Jérôme Thibergien (killers in attics)
Denis Lacroix, Elizabeth Mudry (killers in barn)
Victor Désy (Dr Gatineau)
Louis Del Grande (first scanner)
Tony Sherwood, Ken Umland, Anne Anglin, Jock Brandis (scanners in attic)

Alternative Titles

Agyfürkészok – Hungarian title
Kontrolori – Serbian title
The – early title
Scanners – dödande tanke – Swedish Finnish title
Scanners – Ihre Gedanken können töten – German title
Scanners – Ihre Gedanken können töten – West German title
Scanners – Sua Mente Pode Destruir – Brazilian title
Scanners 1 – Sua Mente Pode Destruir – Brazilian video title
Scanners: Mentes destructoras – Peruvian title
The Sensitives
– Polish title
Skeneriai – Lithuanian title
Tappava ajatus – Finnish video title
Tarayicilar – Turkish title
Telépatas, mentes destructoras – Mexican title
Telepathy 2000 – early title

Scanners II: The New Order (1991)
Scanners III: The Takeover (1991)

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