Saturday Playhouse: The Cat and the Canary (1959)

UK, 9 May
broadcast live, not recorded, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Saturday Playhouse (1958-1961)

A British horror television episode based on the play by John Willard.

Plot Summary

Twenty years after his death, the family of the wealthy Cyrus West descend on the ancestral home for the reading of the will. Annabelle West is declared the legal heir – but will she survive the night?


Producer: Brandon Acton-Bond
Based on the Play by: John Willard.
Adapted for Television by: Barry Thomas
Designer: Desmond Chinn
From the BBC's West of England television studio.

Bob Monkhouse (Paul Jones)
Elvi Hale (Annabelle West)
Alan Tilvern (Harry Blythe)
John Stone (Charles Wilder)
Jack Allen (Roger Crosby)
Gladys Taylor (‘Mammy' Pleasant)
Gretchen Franklin (Susan Sillsby)
Angela Crow (Cicily Young)
Peter Vaughan (Hendricks)
Alexander Dore (Patterson)



  • Radio Times vol.143 no.1851 (1 May 1959) pp.4 ; 25 – illustrated note (Round and about: Going straight by The Broadcasters); credits