Satan’s Skin (1970)

95m (UK – theatrical)
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Piers Haggard. It was released in the UK in January 1971 under the title Satan's Skin but was re-released that summer under the new title Blood on Satan's Claw. The new title originally had no definite article at the beginning – the title The Blood on Satan's Claw only appeared on DVD releases which featured a poorly reconstructed opening title sequence that was full of typos (“Tigron” instead of “Tigon” for example, or “James Hoyter” instead of “James Hayter”.)

A short article covering the making of the film (under the title 's Touch) by Rod Cooper in British trade magazine Kine Weekly referred to the film as “”, currently one of the earliest known use of the term in connection with cinema 1Kine Weekly vol.633 no.3262 (18 April 1970) p.12 – a review of the 1965 film The Fool Killer in the Austin American in the 24 May 1965 issue predates Cooper's usage by five years.


In 17th century rural England, a farmer ploughs up the putrid remains of a half-human monstrosity. Almost immediately, nasty things are afoot. The local village is plagued by a series of vicious murders, the perpetrators of which seem to be the children, led by Angel Blake. Under the evil influence of the demonic remains, the children – accompanied by a couple of senile old timers – form a bizarre and violent cult, dedicated to rape, mutilation and torture.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Piers Haggard
© Tigon British Film Productions Ltd and Chilton Films and Television Enterprises Ltd MCMLXX [1970]
A Tigon British/Chilton Film production
Executive Producer: Tony Tenser
Produced by: Peter L. Andrews, Malcolm B. Heyworth
Original Screenplay by: Robert Wynne-Simmons
With additional material by Piers Haggard
Director of Photography: Dick Bush
Editor: Richard Best
Music Composed and Conducted by: Marc Wilkinson
Sound Mixer: Tony Dawe
Wardrobe Mistress: Dulcie Midwinter
Make-Up: Eddie Knight
Hairdresser: Olga Angelinetta
Art Director: Arnold Chapkis
Made at Pinewood Studios, London, England and on location

Patrick Wymark (the judge)
Linda Hayden (Angel Blake)
Barry Andrews (Ralph Gower)
Michele Dotrice (Margaret)
James Hayter (Squire Middleton)
Anthony Ainley (Reverend Fallowfield)
Howard Goorney (the doctor)
Avice Landon (Isobel Banham)
Charlotte Mitchell (Ellen Vespers)
Wendy Padbury (Cathy Vespers)
Tamara Ustinov (Rosalind Barton)
Simon Williams (Peter Edmonton)
Robin Davies (Mark Vespers)
Godfrey James [Angel's father] *
Milton Reid [dog handler] *
Geoffrey Hughes *
Andrew McCulloch *
Jill Riddick *
Jason Twelvetrees *

Alternative Titles

Blood on Satan's Claw
The Blood on Satan's Claw
The Devil's Touch – shooting title
In den Krallen des Hexenjägers – West Germany
Paholaisen nahka – Finland
La pelle di Satana – Italy
Satan's Claw
Satans skinn – Sweden

Production Notes

The earliest release of the film was in the British Midlands and North of England on a double bill with El coleccionista de cadáveres (1967) in the early months of 1971 at which time it was still going by the title Satan's Skin.



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