Santo en el museo de cera (1963)

Mexico, 1963
35mm film, black and white
mono, Spanish

A Mexican horror film directed by Alfonso Corona Blake. It was originally released on June 1963.

Plot Summary

Santo investigates a series of kidnappings and finds that the victims are being forced to take part in experiments conducted by Doctor Caroll who is trying to create an army of monsters.


Director: Alfonso Corona Blake
Filmadora Panamerica
Producer: Alberto López
English Language Version Producer: K. Gordon Murray
Written by: Fernando Galiana, Julio Porter
English Language Version Director: Manuel San Fernando
Assistant Director: Mario Cisneros
Director of Photography: José Ortiz Ramos
Editor: José W. Bustos
Music: Sergio Guerrero
Musical Director: Raúl Lavista
Sound: Luis Fernández
Make-up: Román Juárez

Santo (himself [Samson in English language prints])
Claudio Brook (Dr. Karol)
Rubén Rojo (Ricardo [Charles Humphrey in English language prints])
Norma Mora (Gloria)
Roxana Bellini (Susana [Susan Madison in English language prints])
José Luis Jiménez (Prof. Armando Galván)
Víctor Velázquez (police detective)
Fernando Osés (henchman)
Jorge Mondragón (police inspector)
Nothanael León Moreno “Frankestein” (henchman)
Concepción Martínez
Cesareo Cruz
Salvador Castro
Juan Garza
Mario Texas
Benny Galan (third opponent)
Victorio Blanco (museum employee)
Vicente Lara “Cacama” (wolf man)
“Picoro” (ring announcer)
Cavernario Galindo (wrestler [Caveman Joe in English language prints])

Alternative Titles

Argos contro le 7 maschere di cera – Italy
Samson in the Wax Museum – USA (television)
Santo in the Wax Museum

Extracts included in
It’s a Haunted Happenin’! (2002)

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