Santa Claws (1996)

USA, 1996
35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by John Russo.

Plot Summary

Scream queen Raven Quinn is dealing with a failing marriage and also a deranged stalker who lives next door. Having seen his mother in bed with a man dressed as Santa Claus as a child, he murdered them and has now come to believe that he is Santa Claus and goes on a killing spree armed with a claw.


Directed by [opening credits] Director [end credits]: John Russo
© 1996 Market Square Prod., Inc.
Market Square Productions and New Age Pictures present
Executive Producers: Bob Michelucci, John A. Russo, Jack Smith
Produced by [opening credits] Producers [end credits]: Bob Michelucci, Jack Smith
Associate Producers: Mike Smith, Tara Alexander
Written by [opening credits] Writer [end credits]: John Russo
Director of Photography [opening credits] Director of Cinematography [end credits]: Bill Hinzman
Editor: Tara Alexander
Music by: Paul McCollough, John Russo, Billy Woo/Dan Golden, Penance, Nelson Harrison
Electronic Music Written and Performed by: Paul McCollough
Sound Mixer: Tara Alexander
Wardrobe: Mike Lucci
Make Up: Gray Dawn
Special Effects: Bob Michelucci
Production Designer: Bob Michelucci

Debbie Rochon (Raven Quinn)
Grant Kramer (Wayne)
John Mowod (Eric Quinn)
Karl Hardman (Bruce Brunswick)
Marilyn Eastman (Mrs Quinn)
Julie Wallace (Peggy Quinn)
Savannah Calhoun (Savannah Quinn)
Dawn Michelucci (Angela Quinn)
Christine Cavalier [real name: Amanda Madison] (Laura Britton)
Terri Lewandowski (Wayne's mother)
Lisa Delien (Mary Jane Austin)
Susan Ellen White (Debbie Darwin)
Bill Hinzman (director)
Christopher Boyle (young Wayne)
Ed Lewandowski (Uncle Joe)
Mary Beth Boyle (Diane Heller)
Terry Weston (Santa/crew person)
Don Crotsley (crew person)
Jack Smith (crew person)
Diana Michelucci (production assistant)
Bobby Michelucci, Mary Lou Russo, Julia Ann Russo (Santa contributors)
Bob Michelucci (cop)
John Russo (detective)

Alternative Titles

Tis the Season

Includes extracts from
Scream Queens' Naked (1996)

Cast Gallery


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