Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

81m, 86m [DVD]
35mm, Pathécolor
mono, English

An American / film directed by Nicholas Webster. It's a regular fixture in “world's worst films” lists and featured in the book The Fifty Worst Films of All Time (And How They Got That Way) by Harry Medved and Randy Dreyfuss. Since being “rediscovered” in the 1980s, the film has been adapted twice for the stage, once as a musical in 1993 and again in 2006.

Plot Summary

The Martians have become so upset that their have become obsessed with that they set out to kidnap him. They abduct a pair of children and force them to lead them to where they meet Santa. They take him and the children back to where they charm the Martians and bring to them the spirit of .


Directed by: Nicholas Webster
© [not given on screen]
Joseph E. Levine presents a Jalor production. An Embassy Pictures release
Produced by: Paul L. Jacobson
Associate Producer: Arnold Leeds
Screenplay by: Glenville Mareth
Based on a story by Paul L. Jacobson
Director of Photography: David L. Quaid
Edit Supervisor: Anthony Termini
Editor: Bill Henry
Music Composed and Conducted by: Milton Delugg
Sound Mixer: Dennis L. Maitland
Custume [sic] Designer: Ramsey Mostoller
Makeup: George Fiala
Special Photographic Effects: Haberstroh Studios
Art Director: Maurice Gordon
Filmed at the Michael Myerburg Studios, N.Y.

Leonard Hicks (Kimar)
Vincent Beck (Voldar)
Bill McCutcheon (Dropo)
Victor Stiles (Billy)
Donna Conforti (Betty)
Chris Month (Bomar)
Pia Zadora (Girmar)
Leila Martin (Momar)
Charles Renn (Hargo)
James Cahill (Rigna)
Ned Wertimer (Andy Henderson)
Doris Rich (Mrs Claus)
Carl Don (Chochem/Von Green)
Ivor Bodin (Winky)
Al Nesor (Stobo)
Joe Elic (Shim)
John Call as Santa Claus
Jim Bishop (Lomas)
Lin Thurmond (children's TV announcer)
Don Blair (TV news announcer)
Tony Ross, Scott Aronesty, Ronnie Rotholz, Glenn Schaffer (Santa's helpers)

Alternative Titles

O Aris enantion tis gis – Greece
Joulupukki valloittaa Marsin – Finland
Jultomten fixar allt! – Sweden
Le Père Noël contre les martiens – France (DVD)
Santa Claus contra los marcianos
– Venezuela
Santa Claus Defeats the
– USA (video)

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