Sangue negli abissi (1990)

Italy, 1989
90m, 2560 metres
35mm film, colour
English, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Raf Donato.

Plot Summary

Four teenagers meet a mysterious Indian on a beach and he gives them an ancient artefact which he claims will allow then to track an ancient evil that has returned in the form of a giant shark.


Directed by: Raf Donato
© [not given on screen]
Filmirage presents a Filmirage and Variety Film production
Production Manager: Annie Jurgielewicz
Screenplay by: George Nelson Ott
Script Supervisor: Jane Bailey
Director of Photography: Federico Slonisco [real name: Joe D'Amato]
Cameraman: John Wynn
Assistant Cameraman: Ken Davis
Electricians: Bobby Douglass, Ben Miller
Grips: Lee Hughes, Syd Potter
Still Photographer: Peter Bates
Editor: Kathleen Stratton
Assistant Director: David Shaw
Film Processing by: Luciano Vittori SpA
Music Composed and Directed by: Carlo Maria Cordio
Music Editing by: Idra Music Srl
Sound Engineer: Keith Young
Sound Mixing: CDS Imprecom
Make-up: Brian Wood
Special Effects: Brian Wood
Titles and Optical Effects by: Moviecam 2000
Art Director: Alex Colby
Props: Julie Duncan
Production Accountant: Walter Kelly
Production Assistant: Sophie Ali
Helicopter Pilot: Mike Peavey
Stunt Co-ordinator: Brian Ricci
Stuntman: John Mason [real name: John Vincent Mason]
Casting:Paul Werner [real name: Werner Pochath]

Frank Baroni (Miki)
Allen Cort (Allan)
Keith Kelsch (Ben)
James Camp (Wayne)
Tody Bernard (sheriff)
John K. Brune (John)
Margareth Hanks (Elizabeth)
Van Jensens (Indian)
Don Perrin (bartender)
Claude File (oceanographer)
Charlie Brill (Ben's father)
Mitzi McCall (Ben's mother)

Alternative Titles

Deep Blood – English language title
Gefahr aus der Tiefe – West Germany
Justiça Sangrenta – Portugal
– Japan
Squali – alternative title



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