Ruby (1977)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono (Glen Glenn Sound), English

An American horror film directed by Curtis Harrington.

Plot Summary

In Florida in 1935, local hoodlum Nicky Rocco is betrayed and murdered by his own gang leaving his grieving girlfriend Ruby Claire to raise their child Leslie alone. Sixteen years later in 1951 Ruby is running a drive-in, staffed by ex-mobsters, including her lover Vince. A series of mysterious deaths in and around the drive-in suggests to Ruby that Nick is trying to take his on the gang members and soon he's possessed the body of deaf-mute Leslie.


Director: Curtis Harrington
Steve Krantz Productions
Executive Producer: Steve Krantz
Producer: George Edwards
Script: George Edwards, Barry Schneider
Original Story: Steve Krantz
Photography: William Mendenhall
Special Effects: Knott Limited, Alfred Shelly
Editor: Bill Magee
Music Composed, Arranged and Directed by: Don Ellis
Sound Recording: Bill Kaplan
Costumes: Tom Rasmussen
Makeup and Hairstyles: Jeffrey B. Angell, Cid Urrutia
Art Director: Tom Rasmussen

Piper Laurie (Ruby Claire)
Stuart Whitman (Vince Kemper)
Roger Davis (Doc Keller)
Janit Baldwin (Leslie Claire)
Crystin Sinclaire (Lila June)
Paul Kent (Louie)
Len Lesser (Barney)
Jack Perkins (Avery)
Eddie Donno (Jess)
Sal Vecchio (Nicky)
Fred Kohler Jr (Jake Miller)
Rory Stevens (Donny)
Raymond Kark (1st man)
Jan Burrell (1st woman)
Kip Gillespie (Herbie)
Tamar Cooper (woman “A”)
Patricia Allison (pick-up man's wife)
Stu Olson (man “A”)
Mary Robinson (sheriff's wife)
Michael Alldredge (sheriff's wife's date)

Alternative Titles

Blood Ruby – working title
Blutige Ruby – Der Geist des Todes – German title
Hämnaren från andra sidan – Swedish title
Kanlı cinayet – Turkish title
Ruby – den ondes älskade – Swedish Finnish title
Ruby – O Espírito da Morte – Portugal
Ruby – riivaajan rakastettu – Finnish title
Ruby, A Amante Diabólica – Brazilian title
Ruby: posesión satánica – Mexican title
Руби – Russian title

Alternative Titles

Extracts included in
Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol. 3 (1996)
House of Harrington (2008)
Terror on Tape (1985)



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