Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

USA, 1968
35mm, Technicolor, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American horror film, the first film made in the United States by director Roman Polanski.

Plot Summary

Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse move into their new apartment in New York and soon make friends with their elderly neighbours, Roman and Minnie Castevet. Before long, a young woman Rosemary meets in the washroom commits suicide, Rosemary begins having disturbing dreams and Guy starts spending far too much time with the neighbours. When she falls pregnant, Rosemary comes to suspect that her neighbours are witches and that they have their plans for her unborn child.


Directed by: Roman Polanski
© 1968 by Paramount Pictures Corporation and William Castle Enterprises, Inc.
A William Castle production
Produced by: William Castle
Associate Producer: Dona Holloway
Unit Production Manager: William C. Davidson
Written for the Screen by: Roman Polanski
From the Novel by: Ira Levin
Assistant Director: Daniel J. McCauley
Script Continuity: Luanna S. Poole
Director of Photography: William Fraker
Edited by: Sam O’Steen and Bob Wyman
Color by: Technicolor
Music: Christopher Komeda
Sound Recording by: Harold Lewis
Costume Designer: Anthea Sylbert
Makeup: Allan Snyder
Hair Stylist: Sherry Wilson
Miss Farrow’s Hair Styles Created by: Sydney Guilaroff and Vidal Sassoon
Process Photography: Farciot Edouart
Production Designer: Richard Sylbert
Art Director: Joel Schiller
Set Decorator: Robert Nelson
Dialogue Coach: Howard W. Koch Jr
Locations: Dakota Hotel, New York City, New York, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; New York City, New York, USA

Mia Farrow (Rosemary Woodhouse)
John Cassavetes (Guy Woodhouse)
Ruth Gordon (Minnie Castevet)
Sidney Blackmer (Roman Castevet)
Maurice Evans (Hutch [Edward Hutchins])
Angela Dorian [real name: Victoria Vetri] (Terry [Gionoffrio])
Patsy Kelly (Laura-Louise)
Elisha Cook (Mr. Nicklas)
Emmaline Henry (Elise Dunstan)
Marianne Gordon (Rosemary’s girl friend)
Charles Grodin (Dr Hill)
Hanna Landy (Grace Cardiff)
Philip Leeds (Dr Shand)
D’Urville Martin (Diego)
Hope Summers (Mrs Gilmore)
Ralph Bellamy (Dr Sapirstein)
Wendy Wagner (Rosemary’s girl friend)

Alternative Titles

El bebé de Rosemary – Venezuela
Dziecko Rosemary – Poland
La llavor del diable – Spain (Catalan)
Rosemaries Baby – Germany
Rosemary má detátko – Czech Republic
Rosemary’nin Bebegi – Turkey
Rosemaryn painajainen – Finland
Rosemaryna beba – Croatia
A Semente do Diablo – Portugal
La semilla del Diablo – Spain

Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby (1976)

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