Robot Monster (1953)

USA, 1953
35mm, “Photographed in Tru-Stereo Three Dimension Process”, black and white
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Phil Tucker.

Plot Summary

Ro-Man, an alien gorilla in a diving helmet, arrives on Earth as the vanguard of a future invasion. He destroys all human life except for six survivors and is ordered by his superior, the Great Guidance, to finish the job. But as he learns more about human emotions, his task becomes more complicated.


Directed by: Phil Tucker
Copyright 1953 – Three Dimensional Pictures. Renewed 1980 Library of Congress
A Three Dimensional Pictures, Inc. production
Executive Producer: Al Zimbalist
Produced by: Phil Tucker
Associate Producer: Alan Winston
Original Screenplay: Wyott Ordung
Director of Photography: Jack Greenhalgh
Editor: Merrill White
Music Composed and Directed by: Elmer Bernstein
Sound Director: Lyle E. Willey
Wardrobe: Henry West
Make-up: Stan Campbell
Special Photographic Effects: Jack Rabin, David Commons
Locations: Bronson Caverns, Los Angeles, California, USA; Carson's Canyon, California, USA

George Nader as Roy
Claudia Barrett as Alice
Selena Royle as mother
John Mylong as the professor
Gregory Moffett as Johnny
Pamela Paulson as Carla
George Barrows as Ro-Man the monster
John Brown (robot voice)

Alternative Titles

Monster From Mars
Monsters From the Moon
– USA (television)

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