Robin of Sherwood (1984-1986)

UK, 28 April 1984-28 June 1986
3 series, 24 episodes, average 50m
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television series created by Richard Carpenter.


The adventures of Robin of Loxley (later Robert of Huntingdon) who assumes the mantle of Robin Hood under the guidance of the mystical Herne the Hunter.


Regular Crew
Goldcrest Films for ITV
Created by: Richard Carpenter
Music by: Clannad
Costume Designer: Lynette Cummin

Regular Cast
Michael Praed (Robin of Loxley)
Peter Llewellyn Williams (Much)
Ray Winstone (Will Scarlet)
Clive Mantle (Little John)
Judi Trott (Lady Marion of Leaford)
Phil Rose (Friar Tuck)
Mark Ryan (Nasir)
Jason Connery (Robert of Huntingdon)
John Abineri (Herne the Hunter)
Nickolas Grace (Robert de Rainault, Sheriff of Nottingham)
Philip Jackson (Hugo de Rainault, Abbot of St Mary’s)
Robert Addie (Sir Guy of Gisburne)


Series One
Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (28 April 1984)
The Witch of Elsdon (5 May 1984)
Seven Poor Knights from Acre (12 May 1984)
Alan A Dale (19 May 1984)
The King’s Fool (26 May 1984)

Series Two
The Prophecy (9 March 1985)
The Children of Israel (16 March 1985)
Lord of the Trees (23 March 1985)
The Enchantment (30 March 1985)
The Swords of Wayland (6 April 1985)
The Greatest Enemy (13 April 1985)

Series Three
Herne’s Son Part 1 (5 April 1986)
Herne’s Son Part 2 (12 April 1986)
The Power of Albion (19 April 1986)
The Inheritance (26 April 1986)
The Sheriff of Nottingham (3 May 1986)
The Cross of St. Ciricus (10 May 1986)
Cromm Cruac (17 May 1986)
The Betrayal (24 May 1986)
Adam Bell (31 May 1986)
The Pretender (7 June 1986)
Rutterkin (14 June 1986)
The Time of the Wolf Part One (21 June 1986)
The Time of the Wolf Part Two (28 June 1986)

Alternative Titles

Robin des bois – France
Robin Hood – USA