Rituals (1976)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Canadian horror film directed by Peter Carter.

Plot Summary

A group of doctors on a hiking holiday in the Canadian wilderness are stalked by monstrous killer.


Director: Peter Carter
© I.C.L. Industries Limited 1976
Astral Films presents an Astral Bellevue Pathé, Canart Films production
This film has been produced in Canada with the co-operation of the Canadian Film Development Corporation and Famous Players Film Company
Executive Producers: Harold Greenberg, Robert A. Kantor
Producer: Lawrence Dane
Co-producer: Ted Holliday
Associate Producer: Lee Broker
Screenplay: Ian Sutherland
Director of Photography: Rene Verzier
Film Editor: George Appleby
Music Composer and Condutor: Hagood Hardy
Sound Recordist: Doug Ganton
Make-Up and Effects: Carl Fullerton
Special Effects: Doug Wardle
Art Director: Karen Bromley
Filmed entirely in the Province of Ontario, Canada

Hal Holbrook (Harry)
Lawrence Dane (Mitzi)
Robin Gammell (Martin)
Ken James (Abel)
Gary Reineke (D.J.)
Murray Westgate (pilot)
Jack Creley (Jesse)
Michael Zenon (Matthew)

Alternative Titles

Floden utan återvändo – Sweden (video)
Ils étaient cinq – Canada (French)
Ils était cinq – Canada (French)
Joki ilman paluuta – Finland
Rituais – Portugal
Rituals, il trekking della morte – Italy
Rytualy – Poland
The Creeper – USA (alternative)
Villmarks-mysteriet – Norway (video)
Ритуалы – Russia

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Grindhouse Universe (2008)
Harry Novak: Sultan of Sinema (2016)
Nightmare in Canada: Canadian Horror on Film (2004)
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