Ring Virus (1999)

South Korea, Japan,
35mm film, colour

A South Korean horror film directed by Kim Dong-bin.

Plot Summary

A journalist investigates the mysterious death of a teenaged family member and several of her friends and follows a trail of clues to a sinister videotape that kills anyone who watches it within the week. With only seven days to live, she literally races against time to solve the mystery before she too falls foul of the Ring Virus.


Director: Kim Dong-bin
AFDF Korea, Han Maek Films, Omega Project Company and BM Communication
Developed by: Se Bang Development
Producers: Chun Tae-Seup, Kim Hyoung-Joon
Script: Kong Su-Chang, Shim Hye-Won
Novel: Ringu by Suzuki Kôji
Director of Photography: Hwang Cheol-Hyeon
Editor: Kyoung Min-Ho
Music: Won Il, Chang Young-Kyoo
Sound Recording: Korean Motion Picture Promotion Corporation
Costumes: Lee Seung-Hyeon
Make-up: Shin Eun-Jin
Special Make-up: Yun Yae-Rung
Production Designer: Sim Sang-Wook

Shin Eun-Gyeong
Jeong Jin-Yeong
Chang Wan
Bae Doo-Na

Alternative Titles

The Ring Virus – English language title

Remake of
Ringu (1998)

See also
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  • Asian Cult Cinema no.30 pp.40-42 – review (by Julien Sévéon)