Revenge of the Blood Beast (1966)

UK 1There's some question as to the nationality of the film. Most sources claim that it's an Italian/British co-production however on English language prints there are no company or copyright credits. The film is not listed in the Dizionario del Cinema Italiano: Fantascienza, Fantasy, Horror. In his book Michael Reeves, Benjamin Halligan claims that “Mike accessed as much hard cash as he could muster” and “phoned Paul [Maslansky, the film's producer], said he had a £13,000 budget in place.” He also states that the film was made by Reeves' own, British based Leith Productions, making the film an entirely British production though it was shot near Rome using an Italian crew,
16mm film, Cromoscope, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1 2“[T]he 2.35:1 Cromoscope ratio is lost until the negative is rescued from storage (it has passed through a number of companies during bankruptcy sales) and a hefty storage bill settled” – Michael Reeves by Benjamin Halligan, p.53, footnote 31
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Michael Reeves.

Plot Summary

A young woman is possessed by the spirit of a witch who was put to death in the 18th century when her into a lake. The witch is determined to get her on the inhabitants of a nearby village, the descendants of those who killed her two hundred years earlier.


* = uncredited

Director: Mike Reeves [real name: Michael Reeves]
Leith Productions *
Produced by: Paul M. Maslansky
Screenplay by: Michael Byron [real name: Michael Reeves]
2nd Unit Director: Charles Griffith
Script Girl: Claudine Mallet
Director of Photography: G. Gengarelli [real name: Gioacchino Gengarelli]
Camera Operator: Mario Cimino
Eastmancolor-Scope by: Tecnostampa
Editor: Nira Omri
Music Composed and Conducted by: Ralph Ferraro
Sound: Lars Bloch
Sound Editor: Nick Alexander
Make-up: David Pollack
Set Dresser: Annabelle Webb
Property Master: Pete White

Barbara Steele (Veronica)
John Karlsen (Count von Helsing)
Ian Ogilvy (Philip)
Mel Welles
Jay Riley
Richard Watson
Ed Randolph
Peter Grippe
Lucrezia Love
Tony Antonelli
Kevin and Woody Welles

Alternative Titles

Il lago di Satana – Italy
Satan's Sister
The She Beast – USA
Sister of Satan
La sorella di Satana – Italy



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