Revenge of Billy the Kid (1991)


A British horror film directed by Jim Groom.

Plot Summary

On a remote island inhabited by congenital morons with farting fixations, a family of grotesques, the McDonalds live a strange, isolated life on a farm. Giles McDonald's act of with a goat results in a half-human/half-goat hybrid that grows rapidly into a ravenous monster. Ronnie, the sensitive daughter, tries to protect and nurture the misunderstood mutant but finds itself persecuted and hunted down by the rest of the brutish family.


Directed by: Jim Groom
© Montage Films Limited MCMXCI [1991]
Powerhouse Pictures International presents a Montage Films production
Executive Producers: Tim Dennison, Jim Groom, Richard Lake
Produced by: Tim Dennison
Co-produced by: Richard Lake
Screenplay by: Tim Dennison, Jim Groom, Richard Matthews
Director of Photography: David Read
Film Editor: James Groom
Original Score Composed by: Tony Flynn
Sound Recordist: Pete Kyle
Chief Make-up/Hairdresser: Ivana Primorac
Special Make-Up and Creature Effects by: Neill R. Gorton & Steven M. Painter
Make-up Effects: Pain & Gor
Creature Designer: Steven M. Painter, Neill R. Gorton
Based on Illustrations by: Julian Cadlow
Filmed entirely on locations in Cowshit, Abergavenny, Mousehole & Whippingdell Woods

Michael Balfour (Gyles MacDonald)
Samantha Perkins (Ronnie MacDonald)
Jackie D. Broad (Gretta MacDonald)
Bryan Heeley (Ronald MacDonald)
Trevor Peake (Ronald MacDonald)
Norman Mitchell (Mr Allott)
Dean Williamson (Lance Abbott)
Michael Ripper (old pub local)
Billy T. Kid as himself
Julian Shaw (personal assistant to Mr Kid)
John Gugolka (Will)
John Abbott (Tom)
Elaine Ives-Cameron (Rowan Morrison)
Derek Ware (P.C. Bob Peel)
Danny Davies (barman)
Elizabeth Ross (Mrs Bridges)
Frank Scantori (Lyle Slipper)
George Wilder (Ted)
Tim Dennison (Grandad McDonald)
Mark Green (Ulysses)

Alternative Titles

Crados Family – France
La venganza de Billy the Kid – Argentina



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