Return to Glennascaul: A Story that is Told in Dublin (1951)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono (RCA Sound System), English
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An Irish short fantasy film directed by Hilton Edwards.


Film director Orson Welles gives a lift to a man to man he encounters on a lonely Irish road late one night. The man tells him how some time ago, he'd been flagged down by two women who asked for a ride back to their remote old house. Happy to oblige, he took them home, stayed for a drink and left. But when he returned to ask for a cigarette case he'd left behind, he finds the house deserted and learns that the owners, a mother and her daughter had died years ago. After dropping the man off, Welles spots two women standing at the side of the road, waving for a ride…


* = uncredited

Direction by: Hilton Edwards
T.R. Royle presents a Hilton Edwards and Micheál Mac Liammóir, Dublin Gate Theatre production
Production Manager: Raymond Percy
Screen Play by: Hilton Edwards
Asst. Director: Cecil F. Ford
Continuity: Johanna Harwood
Photography: Georg Fleischmann
Asst. Cameraman: Lian O'Laoghaire
Chief Electrician: Harry Morrison
Editor: Joseph Sterling
Asst. Editor: Peter Pitt
Music by: Hans Gunther Stumpf
Harps Played by: Sile Larchet, Mercedes Bolger
Sound Director: Digby Jones
Asst. Sound Director: Peter Letts
Wardrobe: Paul Smith
Hairdressers: Thuilliers
Art Direction: Tony Inglis
Locations: Dublin, Ireland *

Restored version additional credits
Introduction by: Peter Bogdanovich
Producer: Don Scotti
Director of Photography: Dan Yarussi
Assistant Cameraman: George Olson
Production Assistant: Steve Dunning
Editor: Andy Pressman
Gaffer: Larry Roth
Grip: Brett Bagley
Sound Mixer/Boom Operator: Stu Fox
Video Assistant/Teleprompter: Lou Spadaccini
Hair and Make-up: Carla Miller
Executive Producer: Richard Gordon

Sean Merriman played by Michael Laurence
Mrs Campbell played by Shelah Richards
Lucy Campbell played by Helena Hughes
Daly played by John Dunne
the short woman played by Isobel Couser
the tall woman played by Ann Clery
introduced by Orson Welles

Alternative Titles

Orson Welles' Ghost Story
Retour à Glennascaul
– France
Return to Glennascaul
Rückkehr nach Glennascaul
– Germany