Remote Control (1987)

35mm film, colour (“by DeLuxe”), 1.85:1
Ultra Stereo, English

An American comedy science fiction film directed by Jeff Lieberman.

Plot Summary

A video store clerk finds racing against time to prevent an alien plot to brainwash viewers of a bad '50s science fiction movie and invade the world.


Directed by: Jeff Lieberman
© 1987 The Vista Organization Partnership, L.P.
The Vista Organization, Ltd. presents
Executive Producers: Herb Jaffe, Mort Engelberg
Produced by: Scott Rosenfelt, Mark Levinson
Written by: Jeff Lieberman
Director of Photography: Timothy Suhrstedt
Editor: Scott Wallace
Music by: Peter Bernstein
Sound Mixers: Jan Brodin, Sunny Meyer
Costume Designer: Daniel Paredes
Makeup Artist: Teresa Austin
Hairdresser: Steven Frank
Special Effects Supervisor: Jerry Williams
Special Effects Equipment Material and Services Provided by: Special Effects Unlimited, Inc.
Visual Effects: Ted Rae, Bill Rog, Tom Gleason, Steve Burg, David Stipes, Joe Viskocil
Production Designer: Curtis Schnell
Casting by: Nina Axelrod

Kevin Dillon (Cosmo)
Deborah Goodrich (Belinda)
Christopher Wynne (Georgie)
Frank Beddor (Victor)
Jennifer Tilly (Allegra)
Kaaren Lee (Patricia)
Bert Remsen (Bill Denver)
Jaime McEnnan (Matthew)
Jerold Pearson (Alan Bard)
Jennifer Buchanan (Julia Bard)
Deborah Downey (Eva)
Will Nye (Milo)
Marilyn Adams (neighbor #1)
Richard Warlock (Mr James)
Ann Walker (Mrs James)
Michael Pniewski (Artie)
John Lafayette (Pete)
Al Eisenmann II (boyfriend #1)
Allen Michael Lerner (manager #1)
Tad Horino (controller #1)

Alternative Titles

Control remoto – Mexican, Spanish title
Controle Remoto – Brazilian title
Controlo Remoto – Portuguese title
Kauko-ohjattu kuolema – Finnish title
Meurtres en VHS – French television title
Videokiller – Italian title
Дистанционно управление – Bulgarian title
Удаленный контроль – Russian title
リモートコントロール ビデオエイリアンの侵略 – Japanese title

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