Rembrandt 7 antwortet nicht… (1967)

West Germany, Italy, Spain, 1967
35mm film, Technicolor, 2.35:1, Techniscope

A Spanish/Italian science fiction film directed by Giancarlo Romitelli.

Plot Summary

A German scientist in South America has developed a horrific super-weapon and is abducted by Chinese agents. Superagent Z7 is despatched to bring him and his invention back.


* = uncredited

Director: Giancarlo Romitelli
Planet-Film, Sam Waynberg, Ca.Pi.-Film Rome, Agata-Film Madrid in co-operation with Erich Mehl
Producers: Sam Waynberg, Aldo Piga
Written by: Ennio De Concini, Robert Weller, Carlo Romitelli
Based on an Idea by: Carlo Romitelli
Director of Photography: Guglielmo Mancori
Editor: Mario Russo
Music: Aldo Piga
Sound: Dino Franzetti
Special Effects: Eugenio Ascani
Make-up: Sergio Angeloni, Thea Boggiato

Lang Jeffries [Mark Donen]
Joachim Hansen [Peter]
Christiane Maybach [Conseula]
Laura Valen [real name: Laura Valenzuela] [Irene]
Carl Hintermann [real name: Carlo Hintermann] [Professor Klaus Liebrich]
Dana Nusciak [real name: Loredana Nusciak] [Paula]
Luis Pegna [real name: Luis Peña] [da Silva]
Lorenz Robel [real name: Lorenzo Robledo] [colonel]
John Matthews [real name: Giuseppe Mattei] [chef]
Max Lavrence [real name: Luciano Catenacci] [Seyna’s assistant]
Mitsouko [Seyna]
Romano Giomini [Jean] *
Álvaro de Luna [Kosky] *
Miguel del Castillo [Diego Oropessa] *

Alternative Titles

Agent Z-7 – Danish title
Agente secreto Z 7 – Argentine title
Complot internacional – Mexican title
Epiheirisis Rembrandt – Greek title
Karaté à Tanger pour agent Z7 – French, French Belgian title
Mark Donen – Agente Zeta 7 – Italian title
Mark Donen – O Agente Z-7 – Brazilian title
Operaatio Rembrandt – Finnish title
Operation R7 – Experiment mit dem Tod – West German video title
Praktor Mark Donen – Mystiko oplo ‘Z-7’ – Greek re-release title
Tödlicher Auftrag – West German video title
Vår man från CIA – Swedish title
Z7 Operation Rembrandt – US title
Z-7, operación Rembrandt – Spanish title



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